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Welcome to my blog

Published on June 6, 2022

Written by @rhagen_

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So here they are, my personal couple of kilobytes on the world wide web. As a passionate software developer I am interested in all topics related to software development and the gratification of seeing tests pass green, having a pipeline succeed and publishing build artifacts to production by the press of a button and ultimately delivering value to customers is something that I will always be fond of. To me coding is not just a profession, it is about craftsmanship, it can be art and it is a life-long journey accompanied by challenges, learning and collaboration.

Here I will start to collect my thoughts and lessons learned on different topics related to software development. See you soon!


Starting out building this blog I looked into currend trends around Jamstack architectures and what people were using to build their blogs that I very much enjoy to read. In doing so I naturally started to look at some of the most popular static site generators currently out there and began to experiment with them.

In the end I settled using Eleventy to build this website. There are many great options to choose from out there that differ in programming languages and template engines used. The most compelling arguments for me to stick with Eleventy were it's simplicty and flexibility for templating and customization. It does support a wide variety of well known template engines and even allows you to mix and match them for single pages. The configuration is minimalistic yet very extensible and the plugin ecosystem covers probably everything one could need. It also allows you to easily write your own plugins with plain javascript. Other popular static site generators build upon templating known from modern javscript frameworks like React, Vue or Angular. But having developed a lot of SPAs using those frameworks in recent years I was looking forward to breaking out of my habits and to return to something more raw and disconnected from current trends.

I host my source code for this blog on Github and deployment happens through a GitHub Action for deploying to Azure Static Web Apps for every push on main.