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I'm Robert Hagen, I'm a fullstack software developer based in Vienna, Austria. Currently I'm employed at Fronius, developing digital solutions around solar energy in alignment with our company big picture goal of 24 hours of sun. Nice to meet you!

With more than a decade of experience in various industries and sectors - learning new programming languages and experimenting with new technologies is still of peculiar interest to me. During my career I have worked in areas such as industrial robotic automation, injection moulding, e-government, semi-conductors as well as photovoltaic systems. Besides continuously seeking new challenges, I'm also focused on mastering the entire software development process.


I started out with a strong focus on the .NET ecosystem which happened to still be my main go-to for anything related to enterprise software development. Developing for the web is something that is always suspect to change but for the past years now I had a great time developing SPAs using Angular as my framework of choice which in combination with TypeScript just makes me feel at home. Still to me software development is language agnostic and I don't limit myself to what I already know but prefer to step outside my comfort zone and educate myself on what i do not yet know.

I love to read up on anything related to software development and technology, wether it be books, articles or any of those really great and informative blogs out there.


If you want to get in touch with me, just send an E-Mail, or just send a tweet. I'm happy to answer any issue as soon as I can!

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